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The Original RCC Doorframes

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Useful information for RCC Doorframe buyer-


1-Reducing 6 mm steel to 5 mm steel actually reduces nearly 30% steel at 7.8 g/cm3 density. This causes bending and structural cracks in the member.


2-More water/cement ratio makes the frame exterior very smooth but leads to high carbonation and corrosion of steel inside. Misleading high results of hammer tests are reported for weak concrete.


3-The reinforcement bars need to be in one piece along the length of the member, else the frame cracks

In a nut shell its important to check that the performance is not compromised for cost reduction.


The Composition of  RCC Doorframe:


A quality product must conform to the Indian Standard codes laid down for the purpose (IS-6523 of 1983, for RCC Doorframes).


A. Concrete Grade :  The Indian Standard Code for RCC Doorframes prescribes concrete grade to be not  weaker  than  M-20”  but  the  accepted industry grade for factory-made RCC doorframes has long been set  to M-40. This is essential to cover for the damaging effects of transit from factory to site.

B. Reinforcement of RCC Doorframe : 3 no. 6mm bars per 100mm x 60mm   section of concrete frame and 4 no. 6 mm bars per 125 x 60 mm section. RCC Doorframes manufactured using less than 6 mm steel as main bars tend to bend or  may  develop  deep  cracks   after installation, causing problem in closing the shutters.

C. Curing:   Any  concrete  is  as  good  as  the  curing  employed. Shorter curing times to deliver urgent lots can kill the concrete.

D. WonderBlocks  &  other inserts :   A  high quality block with high screw holding capacity  should  be  used  in RCC  Door frames. Similar looking inferior polymer  inserts  eventually fail to hold the door panels.

E. Anchoring the Block: The block should be  firmly anchored in 6 mm main reinforcement bar which should run through the height of frame. Steel  less  then  6 mm  if  used  for  anchoring  the  blocks,  can eventually lead to sagging of shutter.


The Finish: Tufframe  offers  good  finish  to  a  rich, low-slump concrete. We believe  that  core  strength  matters   more than the flimsy exterior. So,  with  Tufframe,  you  always  get full reinforcement and really   dependable concrete.


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